Introducing a Double-Layered Touchscreen Glove

27 November — In response to numerous requests from colder climates like Canada, Norway and Russia we’re proud to introduce a double-layered knitted touchscreen glove, combining a stunning design with enhanced thermal insulation.

November 2013

  1. Nov 04

    World's First Leather Touchscreen Gloves For Women

    We're proud to introduce world's first leather touchscreen gloves for women, in response to numerous requests for a female version of the leather touchscreen gloves. The gloves feature a slim cut and increased length, tailored to fit the hands of women. Seductively understated and elegantly designed, our gloves are made of a well-thought-out combination of lambskin leather and crocheted cotton.

October 2013

  1. Oct 30

    Updated Leather Touchscreen Gloves

    Extending last years success with an update that improves the Leather Touchscreen Gloves and makes them more affordable.
  2. Oct 16

    Introducing Leather Crochet Touchscreen Gloves

    Another first, introducing crochet and leather touchscreen gloves. Carefully designed and made to last, crafted out of a well-considered combination of lambskin leather, crocheted cotton and nanotechnology.

June 2013

  1. Jun 04

    New Office In Former Carl Zeiss Factory

    Today we’ve signed a lease for our new headquarters located in the Nedinsco Fabriek, a Dutch monument and former industrial complex in Bauhaus style.

November 2012

  1. Nov 27

    Introducing Leather Touchscreen Gloves

    Mujjo introduces revolutionary leather touchscreen gloves in aftermath of the successful launch of its AW 12/13 knitted touchscreen glove collection, earlier this fall.
  2. Nov 15

    全新13” Macbook Pro Retina 保护套

    为了延续之前Mujjo 15” Macbook Pro Retina的成功,我们今天将引进其兄弟 – 13” Macbook Pro Retina。
  3. Nov 13

    Introducing the 13" Macbook Pro Retina Sleeve

    Today, we're about to extend the success 15" Macbook Pro Retina sleeve with the introduction of its little brother, the 13" Macbook Pro Retina sleeve.
  4. Nov 09

    全新iPad mini保护套系列

    与每年的苹果发布大会一样,Mujjo保护套系列的发布也成为了传统。对于iPad mini保护套系列,我们尽了最大努力,但由于上个月新款触屏手套的上市,Mujjo公司近期处于非常繁忙的阶段,发布日期也超出了我们所预期的。
  5. Nov 06

    Introducing the iPad mini sleeve

    It's becoming a tradition to launch our sleeves in sync with Apple keynotes. For the iPad mini sleeve, we tried, but we couldn't make it happen because things have really exploded at the office(at least it feels like it) since the release of the touchscreen gloves collection, exceeding all our expectations.

October 2012

  1. Oct 19

    Mujjo公司全新改进触摸屏手套- 新增4款颜色

    Mujjo, 是一家以设计并研发去年冬天“最值得拥有”的触控手套而闻名的公司,现在他们在原有手套的基础上又成功改善了性能,使其更加保暖,美观,舒适以及抗起球。现推出A/W 12-13触摸屏手套系列,包括了黑色,自然灰,砂岩灰,薰衣紫和珊瑚粉款式。
  2. Oct 19

    Improved Touchscreen Gloves by Mujjo - in 4 New Colors

    Mujjo, famous for developing last winter’s ‘must-have’ touchscreen gloves, managed to improve the fundamental elements of the gloves - the insulation, the aesthetics, the anti-pilling properties and the fit. Introducing the A/W 12-13 touchscreen gloves collection, available in black, natural gray, sandstone, lavender and coral pink.

September 2012

  1. Sep 18


    对于Mujjo公司第一款iPhone4手机保护套的发布,我们获得了巨大的成功。随着iPhone5的即将上市,我们对我们的第二款iPhone5保护套的发布保持着同样的信心。Mujjo iPhone5真皮保护套的设计特点基于之前媒体和顾客的赞扬与关注——一款优秀的具有当代独特气质并且融合了时尚,功能以及材料于一体的原创荷兰手机保护套。
  2. Sep 12

    Introducing the Mujjo iPhone 5 sleeves collection

    We're continuing the overwhelming success of our first collection of iPhone 4 sleeves with the release of a sleeves collection designed for the new iPhone 5. The Mujjo iPhone 5 sleeves are based on the design characteristics of the Originals collection that have been noticed and praised by customers and media, an outstanding blend of fashion, functionality and materials with a contemporary and above all unique look and feel.

June 2012

  1. Jun 29

    Mujjo sleeves now available for Samsung’s Galaxy S3

    Today Mujjo announced a sleeve line-up specially designed to protect Samsung’s “iPhone-killer” Galaxy S3. Mujjo’s Samsung Galaxy S3 cover comes in 2 different styles, each style is available in two different colors.